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Not blue bluebells

Not blue bluebells

Estelle - American Boy ft. Kanye West
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American Boy ft. Kanye West - Estelle

My uncle and his family left on Tuesday, and at first I was sad (which surprised me because I expected only relief, but even when I’m miserable some place I’ve always found goodbyes impossible, and I actually had a really wonderful time while they were here), but today I started catching up on all the tv I missed after reading an entire book. So I’m not that heartbroken.

But even 48+ hours later, I am still shocked at how much I enjoyed their presence and how OK it was to be around young children nonstop for days. Like legitimately shaking up views I have held about myself and my family for years, and I’m not sure where to go with it.

Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice
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Not Ready to Make Nice | Dixie Chicks

I have found my comedy market! 6 year olds will let you say just about anything, stare, and then really laugh when they figure out that you’re joking. That pause where they look really serious as they process, and then huge grins when they realize what you said was nonsense… I have never seemed so funny.

The 3 year old thinks I’m funny too, but he’s just as inclined to speak nonsense as to call it out. And I’m still trying to crack the 12 year old (and oh man is 12 the worst, this kid, my heart is breaking for his next few years). But that 6 year old, man, he is right in my comedy wheelhouse. Breaking into the 6 year old comedy circuit soon like Johnny Karate, be back Tuesday when they leave.